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Welcome to the club. I was like you, but was converted early this year.


Wow! We swapped in the post, so to speak, as we left Hokkaido for Honshu this Golden Week!

We used to live fairly near Kushiro - you are right that it's a depressing place apart from the food....

We were shocked at how small and pathetic the Kansai sushi and fish in general was. I liked the "mayo with everything" attitude they have but hub was deeply shocked!


I never knew that oysters are more dangerous raw than other fish. Love this post. I have very good memories of Hokkaido myself.


Everything looks amazing! The super clear broth in the first photo...omg. I had Hokkaido soft serve one time before, it was so good. So much delicious seafood!!


An oyster dessert? I don't know of any, but it brings to mind oyster creme brulee or perhaps chocolate cake with oyster sauce?

Andrea Montero

I absolutely love oysters too!I get to eat fresh oysters when I go to the beach in Ecuador, my home country. My fiance and I dream of going to Hokkaido, and I will remember to try some oysters once we go!


Oysters, yum! I love to read your blog, and every time I have done so, I head right for the refrigerator... No Oysters there unfortunately..


That looks like fun with the oysters - I tried oysters for the first time a few weeks ago and they were kilpatrick - I wussed out of trying them raw! :P

And that ice-cream totally looks like Elvis, with the comb-over! :D


Akkeshi is my dream destination! 60 oysters? I am drooling... Such a nice post, thank you!

Dating Japanese Girls

More great pics as always!

Your vacations are about 20 times better than mine would ever be.

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